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John's Amazing Grace Foundation is named in honor of Sgt. John H. Smith, a WWII Army Veteran, who is the grandfather of our founder, and his favorite hymn.  During a critical WWII mission in which Mr. Smith served as a Police Officer, he and his fellow servicemen were tasked with transporting prisoners from Umejima, Japan. On their trip back, the submarine was surrounded by the enemy.  Once their Lieutenant realized they were outnumbered, he gathered his soldiers and called for the Chaplain. As Mr. Smith emotionally recalls, the Chaplain began to pray and the soldiers began to sing Amazing Grace. As they continued to sing, the vessel stayed its course and miraculously made it safely past enemy lines unnoticed and unharmed. John H. Smith is now 94 years old and to this day, his favorite song is and always will be Amazing Grace. We share this story of incredible courage and grace to remind everyone of God's everlasting love and faithfulness as well as the sacrifices our service members and their families are making each and every day to preserve the freedom we are all so privileged to enjoy. 


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